Top 10 Viral Videos in December 2009. Do you agree?

Dear all,

I would like to know your opinion on this list. Do you like these videos? Which is the best one and which is the worst?

Internet videos created to raise awareness of breast cancer and global warming, and to promote video games, sports drinks and lingerie are high on the list of the top-10 viral and up-and-coming-viral campaigns selected by video-content distributor Goviral as the most interesting and innovative in December 2009.

The top 10 picks for December, with links to view on YouTube:

  1. Activision – Skateboard Dog
  2. National Geographic – Deadly Predator
  3. New Zealand Book Council – Going West
  4. Victoria’s Secret – One Gift
  5. Plane Stupid – Polar Bears
  6. Intel – Cannonbells
  7. Breast Cancer Awareness – Pink Glove Dance
  8. Orbit – Clean it up
  9. Epson – Extreme Gamer
  10. Muscle Milk – Sexy Pilgrim


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