Philip Kotler’s signature or how to be Saint Marketer…

Book  “Ten Deadly Marketing Sins: Signs and Solutions” written and signed for me by Philip Kotler, Father of Marketing, is not his best one.

Still I’d like to remind you these “marketing sins”.

The company…

1.  …is not sufficiently market focused and customer driven
2. …does not fully understand its target customers
3. …needs to better define and monitor its competitors
4. …has not properly managed its relationships with its stakeholders
5. …is not good at finding new opportunities
6. … is not well-organized to carry effective and efficient marketing
7. …has not made maximum use of technology

and the company’s…
8.  …brand building and communications skills are weak.
9. …marketing plans and planning process are deficient
10. … product and service policies need tightening

So, read the book, create a checklist and be Saint Marketer forever:)


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