First direct mail campaign which achieved a 100% response:)

I’ve heard this story couple of years ago at a training or seminar. It’s a pity I don’t remember who presented this case. It’s up to you to decided whether you believe it or not.

It’s one of the most ancient and successful direct mail cases in history. Remember Cleopatra and Anthony in Ancient Rome and Egypt? Well, as you know, they had a very special relationship. At some point, Anthony was sent back to Rome again, and, of course, Cleopatra wasn’t very fond of that.

So, she became one of the first true direct marketers. Cleopatra wrote Anthony a letter and attached her favourite perfume and a lock of her hair to remind him about her. She used eloquent language to convince Anthony. What was the result? Anthony went back to Egypt and after several months the ultimate result was there – they had a baby.

So, Cleopatra knew Anthony’s way of thinking. And she achieved a 100% response.

What’s your opinion? Do you think it was a really effective move or it didn’t really matter what she sent him, since he was a man in love anyway? :))


2 thoughts on “First direct mail campaign which achieved a 100% response:)

  1. That is a good case study, although I can’t help to wonder about the sample size. The challenge for a direct marketer is to know the customer and get the behaviour change right. What are the odds you will get it right when marketing to one person versus the odds of targeting to one hundred or more? The really good case study would be if Cleopatra would have had convinced the entire senate of Rome. Sadly, historians never talk about that…

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