About me

Hi, I’m a PR copywriter/marketing journalist from Ukraine. Currently I work at Pleon Talan PR agency.

The clients I’ve written and writing for include: PokerStars, Henkel, Amway, Viasat, Electrolux, PocketBook, GSK (Sensodyne TM), UniCredit etc.

I’m multilingual and can produce copies in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

I create:

  • short and informative press releases
  • interviews
  • analytical articles
  • advertorials
  • professional speeches
  • “want-to-be-there” invitations
  • speaker biographies
  • Q&A for press conferences
  • creative texts for boring presentations

I’m open to communication, exchange of experience and ideas and friendship.

Please join me on LinkedIn and you are welcome to write me at: inna.imas@gmail.com.



One thought on “About me

  1. Good to know that you’re willing to read my book twice in one week. Was it really useful or just hard to digest? Really impressed that you tackle copywriting in three languages. I find it hard enough in one! Best wishes, Rob Bowdery

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